Single Teeth

Implants can replace individual/single teeth by means of an implant borne crown The implant imitates the anatomy of the natural tooth root and the natural shape of the jaw bone in such a way that no one will detect the tiny difference. A post is screwed into the implant and a crown cemented onto this post. Crowns can also be fabricated on posts and screwed down. This treatment avoids the need to grind away the neighbouring teeth to place a fixed bridge.

Multiple Teeth

If 3 or more teeth in a row are missing, one can decide to have an implant borne bridge. (It is therefore not necessary to replace each and every missing tooth with an implant) In this solution the new crowns are linked together and depending on the size of the gap, are placed on the stable and secure base of two or more implants. This does away with grinding away healthy tooth structure to place a conventional bridge or a removable plate.

Complete Missing Dentition

As few as 2 to 4 implants are enough to provide a firm base for teeth in the lower jaw and 4-6 in the upper jaw. These teeth can then be removed to be easily cleaned. Alternatively, a fixed bridge can be permanently anchored but this is case specific. The teeth are then firmly attached so the supporting pink denture plastic may not be required and the palate is then clear.

This practice advises our patients to use dental implants with an internal connection, designed for initial and long-term tissue health and stability.